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Review OddsMaker


When we decided to review Oddsmaker, we weren’t sure what to expect. However, it turns out that the site is actually one of the most remarkable sites on the web for betting on sporting events from all over the world. The site is really a one stop shop for anyone who wants to find both information and a great place for placing bets on virtually every sporting event you could think of. So what makes Oddsmaker so special? Check out these four reasons why we were enthralled at the chance to review Oddsmaker:

Great Bonuses

One thing we were impressed with about the website was that they happened to have some amazing bonuses available for new clients. They actually offer to double your money when you sign up and make an initial deposit. They say that they do it because they want to show people that they stand behind their site 100%.

Another thing we learned when we decided to review Oddsmaker is that they do occasionally offer their regular clients bonuses as well. This marks an important distinction from other websites devoted to online sports betting since most places seem to ignore their regulars once they’ve been established, assuming that they’ll keep coming back rather than looking elsewhere.

Daily Picks

For those who are new to the world of sports betting, Oddsmaker has an incredible offer: They provide you with a list of daily picks which helps you pick the winning teams in any given game. Of course, their picks aren’t guaranteed, nor are they 100% accurate. However, when we an unscientific review, Oddsmaker did seem to pick winners more often than they picked the losers for their daily picks. This means that ultimately for those who simply stay with the daily picks, your chances of winning some bets are reasonably good and that means you get to take home plenty of cash, which is really the ultimate reason to use any kinds of an online sportsbook.


For the more experienced gambler, Oddsmaker also offers a complete set of stats for each team in any given game, allowing you to pick the winners on your own. The nice thing about this is that it allows you to employ your own betting system rather than simply relying on their daily picks. For some people, this can be a godsend. While the information is obviously available elsewhere as well, having it all at your fingertips means that you don’t have to waste time hunting it down on dozens of different websites all across the Internet.

World Class Customer Support Department

Another thing that we simply must mention in our review: Oddsmaker has an amazing customer service department which is really responsive to whatever problems any of their clients happen to have. They often respond to queries within just a few hours and pretty much always get their answers in within 24 hours of receipt of a comment. They also don’t employ those bots which provide worthless answers like some other websites do. If for no other reason than that, we were duly impressed when decided to review Oddsmaker.